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     We are located just south of Malone, New York in a community called Whippleville.  When you arrive at Low Road from Duane Street,  up the hill you will find 177 on your right.  As you pull into the driveway you will see the shop directly ahead. You have made it to Custom Pearl Inlay and an adventure in it's own fashion awaits.

     At Custom Pearl Inlay you will meet David Nichols and right behind David you will be greeted by  the smiling face of his close friend and Vice President of International Marketing & Sales,  Lee Mulverhill.  You may also meet many "drop-in" friends and past students of David's.  Old friends and new friends alike visit from all over Canada as well as the United States.  The first thing you need to understand is that you are welcome here by all.  The second would be get ready to hear and participate in some music.  Lastly, expect to be treated with honesty, kindness, respect and a true desire to find a cost effective solution to fit your needs. 

     We are also an authorized C.F. Martin Dealer and Repair shop.  We perform full inlay services of original and custom work in mother-of-pearl, abalone, as well as other materials.  We specialize in custom work and normally have a good selection of guitar parts, special woods, strings and accessories.  We have several hundred old instrument inlay patterns on file. Or,  you may call us with your needs.  You can also send your own line drawings for a price quote.

      More then anything, we welcome visitors!  Come visit us if you get the chance! If you happen to be here at 3 p.m., have a dollar ready and be prepared to play a hand of poker with the UPS driver.  If you come at 11:30 though, you will miss us as we are in town at the #1 Chinese Restaurant having lunch.  So just meet us there!