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Custom Pearl Inlay Price List
177 Low Road, Malone, NY  12953
Ph: (518) 483-7685; E-mail:
  Rev. 10/2008
C.F. Martin Guitar Replacement Inlay
     C.F. Martin Block Letters in Abalone or Pearl D-45 style $75.00
     Script C.F. Martin est. 1833 like decal $175.00
     Martin Flowerpot (from 1902 prototype 45) $110.00
     Martin Torch 000-45 Style in Abalone $55.00
     Tree of Life Fingerboard (from 1902 prototype 45) $300.00
     D-45 Hexagon Fingerboard in Abalone or Pearl $60.00
     000-45 Snowflake inlay in Abalone or Pearl $55.00
     Snowflake inlay for bridge (2) 4 or 6 point Abalone or Pearl $20.00
     Island Scroll inlay for bridge Abalone or Pearl $40.00
     Diamond and Square Fingerboard inlay (1930s style) $15.00
Gibson Banjo Replacement Inlay
     RB 1 $75.00
     RB 2 $80.00
     RB 3 $80.00
     RB 4 $125.00
     RB 5 $125.00
     Hearts and Flowers $125.00
     RB 6 $125.00
     RB 12 $125.00
     Florentine Special $175.00
     Bella Voce $175.00
     MASERTONE in small block letters for headstock $75.00
All banjo patterns include complete fingerboard and headstock inlays. MASTERTONE block NOT included.
Gibson Mandolin Replacement Inlays
     1900 A Model Fingerboard and Headstock $75.00
     F-5 Fern, in Abalone, without script Gibson $75.00
     F-4, F-5 Flowerpot, without script Gibson $55.00
     Late F-5 Flowerpot in Mother of Pearl $40.00
Other Banjo Inlay
     Orpheum #1, in Abalone or Mother of Pearl $150.00
     Orpheum #3, in Abalone or Mother of Pearl $175.00
     Weymann, in Mother of Pearl $150.00
     Paramount Style B or Leader, without engraving $150.00
     Paramount Artist Supreme $175.00
Banjo Fingerboards
     Ebony, slotted, not profiled $25.00
     Ebony, slotted and profiled to five string shape $35.00
     Rosewood, slotted, not profiled $20.00
     Rosewood, slotted and profiled $25.00
Script, Logos, Misc.
     "The Gibson" in script, banjo style $20.00
     "The Gibson" in script as pictured with F-5 Fern $30.00
     "The Gibson" in script, new style (pictured with F-5) $20.00
     Mother of Pearl Truss Rod Cover $25.00
Ebony or Rosewood dots, used to blank out the existing pearl dots when inlaying a pattern that will not cover the existing factory dots.      Specify wood type and size. Approx. 1/8 thick. Priced each $0.30
Any full size paper pattern, including all listed patterns and many more. Can be copied and used as masters when cutting pearl. $1.00
Shell blanks in Abalone or Mother of Pearl  (per ounce) $35.00
Special inlay bits for the Dremel tool, 1/32 cutter head with 1/8 shank. These are micro miniature two flute end mills that really last and cut exceptionally well. $12.50
Shipment will be made by UPS or First Class Mail, usually within ten days of your order.  Call for a discount price quote on a new instrument.  MasterCard and Visa accepted.  These inlay sets are reproduced by us and are not official Gibson parts. These designs are from old instruments and have passed into the public domain.     The names Gibson  and C.F. Martin belong to the Gibson and Martin companies.  They should only be used in the restoration of genuine Gibson and Martin instruments. If you are making a copy of a Gibson or Martin instrument, you should use your own name or logo.